Ciptakan Identitas Brand yang Kuat dengan 3 Tips ini!

Dalam produk dengan kategori sejenis, sebut saja air mineral, Le Minerale akrab dengan sebutan ‘air yang ada manis-manisnya’ sedangkan Aqua lebih dikenal sebagai ‘sumber mata air asli pegunungan’. Mengapa keduanya berbeda? Itulah hasil dari identitas brand, ciri khas yang membedakan suatu produk dengan  produk sejenis lainnya.  Dalam proses perjalanan konsumen, identitas inilah yang membuat konsumen […]

Branding Competition BREXPLOR

BRANDING COMPETITION The highlight of the BREXPLOR 2023 event is the Branding Competition, which is Indonesia’s first branding competition available to all high school students and active students. This event will be held at Prasetiya Mulya University on Saturday, June 17th, 2023, and will be hybrid, with the proposal stage taking place online and the […]

DEPATURE : Define The Direction of Your Brand

Session 1 “The Power of K-culture in Branding” The theme “The Power of K-Culture in Branding” is based on current global business trends that leverage Korean trends in developing business. Korean trends, which are becoming increasingly popular, can certainly promote brands. They must direct their target market in order to grow and succeed. One method […]

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Pre-Event Campaign

Finding Olan On a mission to save Olin and its planet from destruction, Olan travels to the future but finds itself on an estranged planet. Now, it is up to Brexplorers to find Olan and help finish its mission! Offline Campaign To find clues leading to Olan’s wherebeing, participants go on a quest to find […]