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  1. Registration for the BREXPLOR Branding Competition will be open from January 21 to February 18, 2022.
  2. Go to www.brexplor.id select the Competition Overview menu then register or fill in via google forms listed on Instagram @brexplor_prasmul
  3. Fill in the information required for the registration of each team member. Filling out the form is only done by one representative from each team.
  4. Press submit if all data has been filled in completely and correctly. Make sure the data entered is correct. If there is a writing error, Brexplor will not be responsible for invalid registration due to data writing errors.
  5. After the data is confirmed, participants will receive an email containing a google form regarding payment account information from the Brexplor admin team.
  6. Transfer the registration fee by writing the statement “(Team Name)” and uploading proof of payment in the Google Form that has been sent.
  7. Payment will be awaited within 2×24 hours.
  8. Participants will receive a payment confirmation email within 2×24 hours containing an E-Ticket and a WA Group Link for Branding Competition participants.
  9. If shortly the participant has not received the email, it is expected to immediately contact the Official Breexplor 2022 Line, namely @brexplor.prasmul

BREXPLOR 2022 is not just an event for students to compete in. In  BREXPLOR 2022, participants will get the chance to attend three sessions of BREXOLOGY (training and workshops) which will help them broaden their branding knowledge. Furthermore, participants will gain many exciting insights about branding from the very basics. Besides that, participants can expand their networking through fun games in networking sessions in which they are facilitated to know each other.

Brexplor Branding Competition consists of 3 phases, which are paper submission, rocket pitching, and final presentation. In the first phase, participants will submit their ideas in a paper format, the top 15 proposals will then be chosen from each category (high school and university). Afterwards, the chosen teams will move on to the next phase, where they will be pitching their ideas for 5 minutes. Finally, the top 5 teams from each category will have a chance to do a final presentation in front of the judges for 30 minutes, 15 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for question and answer.

Participants will have to solve a given problem by the case contributor. These problems will be in the form of real-life cases regarding the gap in branding felt by the company and its consumers.

BREXPLOR 2022’s case contributor is one of the leading companies in Indonesia and will be announced during the Case Contributing Technical Meeting session.

BREXPLOR 2022 will be held from 19 February – 26 March 2022

This event will be open to all high school and active university students in Indonesia. Each team consists of a maximum of 3 (three) active university students (D1, D2, D3, and S1) and SMA/SMK (X, XI, XII). For the university category, active students from different batches, faculties, departments, and institutions are allowed. For the high school category, active students from different batches and majors are allowed, however must still remain from the same institution. Not to mention, high school and university students are not allowed to be on the same team.

Each team consists of not more than 3 participants. For the high school category, it is permitted to form a group of different batches and majors, as long as it is still from the same institution/school. Meanwhile for the University category, each group’s members could be from different batches, faculties, majors, and institutions. One thing to be concerned about is Senior High School and College students are not allowed to be in the same team.

BREXPLOR 2022 will be fully held online.