DEPATURE : Define The Direction of Your Brand

Session 1 “The Power of K-culture in Branding”

The theme “The Power of K-Culture in Branding” is based on current global business trends that leverage Korean trends in developing business. Korean trends, which are becoming increasingly popular, can certainly promote brands. They must direct their target market in order to grow and succeed. One method is to engage Korean artists to serve as brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are individuals hired by a corporation to promote a brand and its products to their network in order to increase brand awareness and sales.

Session 2 “Becoming Visible in the Land of Brands”

The topic “Becoming Visible in the Land of Brands” was chosen to improve brand awareness with the goal of making customers aware of the brand’s existence and increasing the potential of consumer choice in choosing that brand. Brand recognition is indeed the stage at which consumers can recognize a brand, because when a brand’s success has reached the point that the public can recognize a brand just by hearing jingles, seeing logos, packaging, and color, it is also a form of confirmation that consumers have recognized our brand.