Pre-Event Campaign

Finding Olan

On a mission to save Olin and its planet from destruction, Olan travels to the future but finds itself on an estranged planet. Now, it is up to Brexplorers to find Olan and help finish its mission!

Offline Campaign

To find clues leading to Olan’s wherebeing, participants go on a quest to find Olan’s pictures scattered around Prasetiya Mulya BSD Campus. To raise awareness, they must take a picture of their findings and post it on their instagram accounts. Participants are then invited to our booth near PMBS Canteen, where they are given the opportunity to get to know more about BREXPLOR 2023 through interactions such as photo, game booths and register themselves for the Pre-event Campaign. Prasmulyan participants who took part in Offline Campaign are granted career points and snacks.

Online Campaign

Now that we have the clues needed, we must let the world know. Sequel of the ‘Finding Olan’ mission would be held mainly through Instagram. Participants who took part in Offline Campaign would automatically be successors of Online Campaign. Successors must raise awareness by sharing BREXPLOR 2023 Posters and Online Campaign Registration Link through social media. Online Campaign participants must find Olan hidden in a series of pictures. For their contribution, Online Campaign participants are rewarded with e-certificates and also career points.

Good Luck, Brexplorers!