Opportunity. Wisdom. Learning OWL Club

OWL CLUB, an organization created by the Student Association of S1 Branding Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, is a supportive community for young marketers to facilitate their ideas and develop further knowledge of branding. Ever since 2012, we seek to unite and inspire branding students in Universitas Prasetiya Mulya to create impactful acts for our surroundings.

Our Vision

To become a creative and collaborative platform that gives positive impacts for external parties, as well as a place for S1 Branding Students to maximize their potential.

External: Impactful Youth Community

Internal: Learning & Leisure Destination for S1 Branding Students

Our Mission

1. Uniting: Bring fellow Branding students and external parties together.
2. Understanding: Know the needs and wants of Branding students through the spirit of ‘Guyub’.
3. Upgrading: Develop fellow Branding students and external parties in terms of skills and knowledge.

Our Events



Through collaborative projects with various brands, OWL Club members have received many opportunities to hone their skills in branding and marketing scopes.


We aim to build better connections and relationships between students, especially from Branding major, so we could bring people together to support each other and overcome many challenges.

OWL Consultant Community

Gathering together all brand consulting enthusiasts, OWL Consultant Community is a place for branding students to get exclusive branding courses and the opportunity to apply them to real businesses through Hands-On Projects.