Branding Competition BREXPLOR


The highlight of the BREXPLOR 2023 event is the Branding Competition, which is Indonesia’s first branding competition available to all high school students and active students. This event will be held at Prasetiya Mulya University on Saturday, June 17th, 2023, and will be hybrid, with the proposal stage taking place online and the Rocket Pitch and Final Presentation taking place offline. This competition is for students who want to learn how to create a real branding strategy for our case contributor BREXPLOR 2023. This competition will be divided into three phases, which are as follows :


Paper Submission Stage

Friday, 26 May 2023

At this stage, the Branding Competition participants will create a research paper based on their research analysis and marketing implications from the contributor case, in compliance with the BREXPLOR 2022 branding competition rules and regulations.

Rocket Pitch Stage

Saturday, 17 June 2023

The Branding Competition participants who passed the Paper Submission Stage will do a short presentation that will be held offline at Prasetiya Mulya University to present an outline of the findings of their paper within a predetermined time duration. 

Final Presentation

Saturday, 17 June 2023

Branding Competition Top 5 participants who have passed the rocket pitch stage will present completely on the results of their analytical study and marketing implications in front of the judges from the contributor case for a fixed amount of time. This activity will also be held offline at Prasetiya Mulya University. 


Brexology, also known as Brand Development, is a material debriefing session created for Branding Competition participants to get new and deeper knowledge and insights to help them prepare for the competition. The Brexology event flow is a workshop that begins with a speaker bringing material that is carried and continued with to prepare related case studies for Branding Competition participants. It is intended so that the Branding Competition participants would be able to use the materials and case studies provided. So that later in the competition, participants could apply the knowledge learned from training sessions directly in the session case studies.


“Journey to the Pinnacle of A Successful Branding”

All participants in the branding competition will take part in BREXOLOGY, a material debriefing session to prepare each participant with new knowledge and insights.



Introduction to Branding: Branding in General, Branding vs Marketing

1. Brief Explanation about Branding

2. Branding vs Marketing


Marketing Strategy: Research Methods, implementation into strategy  

1. Consumer Behavior (Persona) & STDP

2. Marketing Research (Qualitative & Quantitative Research)

3. Marketing Mix (4Ps)

4. Marketing Strategy


Building Personal Branding: Personal Branding

1. Personal Branding



Introduction to Branding: Branding in General and Marketing Research

1. Brief Explanation about Branding

2. Branding vs Marketing

3. Marketing Research (Qualitative & Quantitative Research)


Implementation of Brand Communication Plan

1. Consumer Behavior (Persona)

2. Segmenting, Targeting, Differentiation, Positioning (STDP)

3. Implementation of Marketing Strategy (IMC/Medias of Advertising)